Pelandale interchange in Modesto closed as crews work around clock

May 16, 2016

Work began Sunday night and is expected to continue until about midnight Tuesday to finish offramps and repave roadways at the Highway 99 interchange with Sisk Road and Pelandale Avenue.The Highway 99 interchange at Pelandale Avenue and Sisk Road closed Sunday night and is set to reopen early Wednesday as crews work around the clock to finish offramps and repave roadways.

In the first half of the 7 o’clock hour Monday morning, traffic on the east side of the highway was for the large part flowing smoothly. A steady stream of vehicles traveled west on Pelandale and turned north on Sisk to get on the highway.

Though there are electronic signs near Standiford Avenue and Sisk stating that the Pelandale interchange is closed, several vehicles went north on Sisk, only to find it blocked just south of Pelandale. Some turned around, others cut through the shopping center at the southeast corner of Sisk and Pelandale, then made U-turns at the signal where vehicles enter the Costco-Lowe’s center.

Simon Bettencourt of Teichert Construction said the work remains on schedule and that the interchange will reopen around midnight Tuesday with its new configuration in place.

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